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Since its creation in 1998, Emfoundation has carried out innovative publicity campaigns across a diverse range of film titles from major studio releases to art-house, independent and world cinema, with bespoke campaigns tailored to suit the specific needs and budgets of each project. Founding company director Keeley Naylor leads a dedicated team of experienced publicists who are passionate about film and committed to the projects we work on.

Projects include:

Unit publicity for '71, A Way of Life, Bend It Like Beckham, Berberian Sound Studio, Bunny & The Bull, Control, Creep, Dead Man's Shoes, Grown Your Own, Hush, Kicks, Kiss of Life, My Brother The Devil, My Brother Tom, Of Time and The City, One For The Road, Powder, Salvage, Severance, Sightseers, Submarine, The Double, The Incident, The Last Minute, The Principles of Lust, The Selfish Giant, This Filthy Earth, This is England, Tyrannosaur and Unmade Beds.

UK distribution publicity for films including A Complete History of My Sexual Failures, A Way of Life, Air Guitar Nation, All Tomorrow's Parties, Alpha Male, Amandla!, American Splendor, Anything Else, Anything For Her, Awaydays, Battle For Haditha, Ben X, Big Nothing, Biggie and Tupac, Black Sheep, Bodysong, Bus 174, Citizen Kane, Creep, Dead Babies, Delicacy, Deep Water, Dog Eat Dog, Donkey Punch, Donnie Darko, Double Whammy, East is East, Electroma, Erasing David, Eyes Wide Open, Fahrenheit 9/11, Glastonbury, God BLess America, Grow Your Own, Hierro, Hush, In the Shadow of the Moon, In Your Hands, Interstella 5555, Je t'aime John Wayne, Joy Division, Jump Tomorrow, Kill List, Late Night Shopping, Lawless Heart, Le Donk & Scor-zay-zee, Look at Me (Comme Une Image), Lower City (Cidade Baixa), Maybe Baby, Millions, Monsoon Wedding, My Brother Tom, My Name is Joe, Napoleon Dynamite, Northfork, Only Human, Overnight, Paris 36, Paris Je t'aime, Pavee Lackeen, Principles of Lust, Prometheus, Rage, Renaissance, Searching For Sugar Man, Severance, Small Time Crooks, Somers Town, Spellbound, Stoked: The Rise and Fall of Gator, Submarine, Sweet and Lowdown, Swimming Upstream, Take This Waltz, The 40 Year Old Virgin, The Blair Witch Project, The Cremaster Cycle, The Cuckoo, The Darjeeling LImited (Soundtrack), The Escapist, The Hard Word, The Land Girls, The Low Down, The Magician, The Posters Came From The Walls, The Saddest Music in the World, The Tichborne Claimant, This Filthy Earth, This is England, Transylvania, Valentin,
Villa Amalia, Waveriders, Weekend, White Lighnin', XXY and Yes.

Publicity for DVD releases including Air Guitar Nation, Amandla!, Battle For Haditha, Cinema 16: American Short Films, Cinema 16: World Short Films, Ealing Collection Classics, Electroma, High Tech Soul, Kill The Moonlight, Last Party 2000, LoudquietLoud: A Film about the Pixies, My Wrongs 8245-8249 and 117, Oddsac, Paradise Lost 1 & 2, Rubber Johnny, Searching For the Wrong-Eyed Jesus, Sounds Like Teen Spirit, Submarine,The Magician, The Order, Cremaster 3, The Pervert's Guide to Cinema, Transylvania, Tyrannosaur and We Jam Econo: The Story of the Minutemen

Event publicity for BAFTA events, British Independent Film Awards 2007-2010, Birds Eye View Film Festival 2008-2010, Resfest 2005-2006 and Secret Cinema. And corporate publicity for Warp X, Warp Films, FilmFour Lab and
Shooting People.

As event managers, we have organised premieres for films including Charlie's Angels, Charlotte Gray, Dobermann, Gangster No 1, Hilary and Jackie, Holy Smoke, Kurt and Courtney and Snatch. And promotional tours for East is East, Millions, My Name is Joe and The Land Girls.

Our client list includes :
Adventure Pictures, AWOL Films, Babelgum, BAFTA, Because TV, BIFA, Birds Eye View, Blast! Films, Brown Owl Films, Channel 4, Contender, Dan Films, Digital Departures, Element Pictures, EMI, FilmFour, Film London, Future Shorts, Ideal World, Lone Star Productions, Metrodome, Momentum, Motion Picture House, Mute, Northwest Vision, Optimum Releasing, Palm Pictures, Pathe Distribution, Peccadillo Pictures, Plexi, Redbus, Red Union Films, Res Media Group, Revolver, Road Movies Productions, Secret Cinema, Shooting People, Soda Pictures, StudioCanal, Tartan Films, The Film Consortium, The Works Distribution, Three Pillow Films, Trinity Filmed Entertainment, Twentieth Century Fox, Universal, Universal Music, UK Film Council, Verve Pictures, Vertigo Distribution, Warner Music Entertainment, Warp Films, Warp X, Wild Horses Film.

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